About Brian

  • Research project manager
  • Natural resource stewardship communicator
  • Science, business and technology writer
  • Detail-focused editor
  • Team leader
  • History and culture blogger
  • Dedicated networker
  • Collaborator
  • Ghost-blogger
  • Serial volunteer
  • Perpetual learner


An experienced science writer, Brian has completed research, writing and editing assignments for three regional Forest Service Research Stations and the Forest Service's Washington Office, as well as the National Park Service, the US Fish & Wildlife Service, NASA, History Colorado, and various federal agency partners, non-governmental organizations and environmental services companies. Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Brian received a bachelor’s degree in journalism-science writing from Lehigh University and then followed his sense of adventure to San Francisco, New York City and Jackson Hole, obtaining experience in project management, marketing, market research, and technical and business writing along the way. He currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he is pursuing a master of natural resource stewardship degree from Colorado State University. Brian’s writing is colored by his National Park Service interpretive training and his storytelling experience as a volunteer at Alcatraz Island National Historic Landmark, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, and Deadman Lookout Tower in Roosevelt National Forest.


Science and environmental writing and research

  • Brian has an excellent ability to understand and extract key information and implications that may be of interest to the land management and policy-making communities. He is a skilled communicator with excellent interpersonal skills. Brian does a terrific job cultivating relationships and trust, seeking the information, insight, and quotes needed to weave together compelling and highly readable narratives and stories. Brian is also diligent and professional in responding to and maintaining timelines and deadlines and receiving and incorporating feedback. Brian’s work and interpersonal skills were of such a high quality that I sought to continue working with him even when I changed professional positions and geographic locations and began working for the Forest Service in Baltimore, Maryland. He has continued to write excellent and compelling science stories as we work across timezones and distance. Sarah, current editor
  • Whether research, content writing, editing, optimization, blogging or press work, Brian undertakes difficult writing assignments with expertise and professionalism. His gift for making technical information accessible to a wide audience is invaluable. With a keen eye for detail, he ensures that content is flawless and on point. He is able to present information in a clear, organized, easy-to-understand format, thereby communicating and connecting with his audience and establishing professional credibility for our clients. Brian truly provides the substance that makes our websites effective and compelling. I would highly recommend him for any writing assignment. Randi, former employer
  • Brian is a journalist with fantastic instincts who has the rare and indispensable ability to make marginal writing good and make good writing great. He's a skilled and highly seasoned pro who is a major asset to any editorial business that is lucky enough to have him. Dan, former coworker
  • Brian wrote science delivery articles for us for several years. He was very savvy working with scientists and finding ways to bring their complex work to a less technical audience. He has a great attitude and is easy to work with. Jennifer, former supervisor
  • Brian's attention to detail and suggestions for improvement ensured that our end result was a quality product. However, Brian's skills extend far beyond writing and editing. He is able to quickly grasp complex issues, and his troubleshooting and research abilities make him an extremely valuable team member. He was always willing to take on additional tasks, and used his excellent technical skills to recommend and help implement new solutions. LuAnn, former coworker

Research and networking

  • Brian is a whip-smart, diligent and thorough reporter who has the ability and tenacity to grasp difficult subjects and seek out the best sources. I've known Brian since 2007 and managed his work on research projects for two years. I had tremendous confidence in assigning projects to Brian because he consistently nailed the research and met our clients' objectives. He is an incredibly conscientious and professional business journalist, and I highly recommend him. Kim, former supervisor
  • Brian is an astute reporter, well known for his high volume of industry connections. His unique role required an ability to quickly master a wide range of subjects, but he always managed to condense complicated industry data into market-leading intelligence that enabled our clients to make informed investment decisions. Brian worked on a global project I led for the last several years, and his consistent contributions and positive attitude always made my job easier. I can recommend him without reservation. Jarrett, former coworker


  • In the nearly 20 years that I have known Brian, he has proven his skills, adaptability and reliability in settings that were characterized by rapid innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. Based on his varied skill set, his keen appetite for learning, and ability to handle many challenging tasks, I heartily recommend Brian as a writer, editor, researcher and project manager. Geoff, former coworker
  • As someone who thrives in a creative professional environment, Brian consistently jumped at opportunities to apply and expand his skills in different divisions as the company we worked for matured and grew. He was always willing to take on new assignments and to implement innovation and improvement, whether the idea came from him or from someone else. I would consider Brian a valuable asset wherever he works. Paul, former coworker

Mentorship and project management

  • Brian trained me and supervised some of my early reports in the technology sector. He was professional, patient and thorough, helping me learn the ropes of a very different kind of writing than I had been doing previously. The foundation he provided has served me extremely well all these years. His professional attitude and versatility are great assets and I recommend him without hesitation. Nancy, former coworker
  • Brian is an excellent project manager as well as a very effective contributor to projects run by others. His ability to find, cultivate and interview sources for our reports, and then interpret and communicate the resultant data, made him a go-to person in our group for assorted projects. He is always willing to help out and his contributions are always valuable. I can heartily recommend him. Howard, former supervisor

Multicultural expertise

  • Brian is a dedicated and efficient journalist: No matter how complex and difficult the topic, he'll get to the bottom of if and will make it accessible and easy to read about. He can also easily work with multicultural, and international reporters, understanding and optimizing the cultural differences that would bar others. Sylvain, former coworker


  • Brian's ability to collaborate with a variety of employees kept projects moving along steadily and resulted in final products that suited the company's needs in terms of marketing, client support and technical services. He demonstrated communication skills ranging from thoughtful suggestions and close listening during group meetings to logically organized, well-written final documentation. In addition to his assigned tasks, Brian completed several projects on his own initiative and, without being asked to do so, left clear troubleshooting instructions for use after his contract ended. Overall, I would describe Brian as dependable, insightful and flexible, and he has a positive, can-do attitude. He's self-motivated and clearly takes pride in his work. I recommend him without hesitation. Kevin, former supervisor
  • Brian's skills extend far beyond writing and editing. He is able to quickly grasp complex issues, and his troubleshooting and research abilities make him an extremely valuable team member. He was always willing to take on additional tasks, and used his excellent technical skills to recommend and help implement new solutions. LuAnn, former coworker