An experienced science writer, Brian has completed research, writing and editing assignments for three regional Forest Service Research Stations and the Forest Service's Washington Office, as well as the National Park Service, the US Fish & Wildlife Service, NASA, History Colorado, and various federal agency partners, non-governmental organizations and environmental services companies. Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Brian received a bachelor’s degree in journalism-science writing from Lehigh University and then followed his sense of adventure to San Francisco, New York City and Jackson Hole, obtaining experience in project management, marketing, market research, and technical and business writing along the way. He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he is pursuing a master of natural resource stewardship degree from Colorado State University. Brian’s writing is colored by his National Park Service interpretive training and his storytelling experience as a volunteer at Alcatraz Island National Historic Landmark, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, and Deadman Lookout Tower in Roosevelt National Forest.


Science and environmental writing and research

Research and networking


Mentorship and project management

Multicultural expertise